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Online Reviews of Corinthia Dental

We Value Our Patient Feedback!

At Corinthia Dental, we value your feedback and ask our patients to let us know how we are doing by leaving online reviews about their experience at our Leduc Family Dental Practice. Below are some online dental reviews from our patient!

Online Review Sources

Best dentist ever. Fixed my mouth 100% almost painlessly. Giant tooth had to go and he had it out before I had even thought he’d started. Legit. Freezing came out and I had no pain, no swelling and was healed inside of 4 days. Definitely come here. You will be really happy with your decision.

Michael on Google

I recently took my mother to Corinthia Dental Clinic for a cleaning and general consultation. I was very impressed with Dr. Quong’s work. My mom was very comfortable and Dr. Quong did a awesome job!. Everyone in the office was professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a good dental work.

Safie on Google

I had several dental cavities treated at this dental clinic. Dr Quong completed several fillings and even had a root canal done. All treatment was done painlessly and very efficiently. Recommended to friends and family!

Curtis on Google

Great dental clinic, that offers great service and knowledge. They really help with getting over the fears going to the dental clinic with friendly service and knowledge that was explained. All the work that I had done was necessary and performed at a high level without any complications.

Allan on Google

Staff is very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable when I was nervous about my appointment. Had my favorite assistant work with me today which helped alot too. Dr Quong is good at what he does always looks out for his patients!

Anonymous on Rate MDs

The Corinthia Dental Clinic is great. Dr. Quong is wonderful. Best Dentist I have ever been to.

Anonymous on Rate MDs

Outstanding dentist; high standards and willing to answer questions, no matter how absurd. Fabulous staff! I recommend him to everyone.

Anonymous on Rate MDs

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